Greening Your Wedding

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You want to have a beautiful wedding, and you also care about the planet. At O Frabjous Day Events, we have worked with many clients who want to incorporate sustainability into their weddings.

The choices you make do matter, and one of the ways to make choices that are ecologically preferable is to add that value as one of your criteria for every decision about products and services you consider for your event. Ask yourself: does this choice fit my vision, my budget, and my ideals? When you include sustainability as part of your decision-making process, you are adding your voice and values to your wedding.

Here are suggestions for some areas where your choices can have the greatest impact.


Do you have guests who must travel to attend? Consider minimizing travel miles, especially air travel miles, by choosing a location that’s close to where the majority of your guests live. How will your guests arrive at the venue from wherever they are staying? Are there public transit options available? Can you provide transportation (such as shuttles) for your guests? For people who might otherwise have to travel a long way, does it make sense to offer live streaming of your ceremony or part of the reception as an alternate choice for participating?

Wedding Venue

Choose a venue that supports environmental initiatives. Do they have energy-saving measures in place? Do they support recycling and composting? This may be a function of the municipality more than the venue itself, so take the time to find out.

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Work with a caterer with sustainable practices. Do they use locally sourced and/or organic ingredients? Is all food and beverage serviceware reusable rather than disposable? Make choices for your menu that prioritize plant-based options over meat-based ones. Caterers are generally great about making the right quantity of food, so be sure you are sharing accurate guest count numbers with them. If there are leftovers, will your caterer let those be taken home by you or your guests to be eaten later, or can they donate unserved food to a food rescue organization? Plan for these options ahead of time.

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Wedding Attire

You want to look spectacular on your wedding day! Realistically, you’re probably only going to wear your wedding outfit one time. Could it make sense to rent your attire? If you buy the perfect outfit, donate your outfit to a consignment store so someone else can use it again, or consider shopping there yourself! If you are having attendants, is it important to your vision that they all wear the same thing, or could they wear complimentary styles, perhaps that they already own?

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Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is likely the most important event you have ever hosted, and a mailed invitation is still the standard. Consider using paper with recycled content in your invitations. Try using a hybrid model with a paper invitation and an online RSVP. It not only saves paper, but you can usually get the replies much faster.

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Wedding Flowers

The Slow Flowers Society and Movement is a group of professional florists who adhere to environmental practices. You may be able to work with a member in your area. If not, be sure to work with a florist who uses locally-sourced, in-season blooms and does not use flower foam. See if your venue will be able to reuse any flowers you don’t want to take home from the event, arrange to have them delivered to local senior living facilities, or offer them to your guests. Also, be sure to compost the flowers once they have lived their full life.

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Wedding Décor

So many items can be rented rather than purchased as disposables. For example, rent glassware for your welcome drink station, rather than using plastic cups. It looks so much better as well! Items that you won’t use again, like table numbers, can be rented or made from something that won’t outlast us all. Think reusable, durable, recycled content, or where disposables are needed, recyclable and/or compostable; avoid single-use plastic products and serviceware.

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It’s lovely to receive gifts in honor of your celebration. If you are creating a registry, think carefully about choosing items that you will actually use. If you already have a house full of things, and want to bypass the registry, consider adding a charitable donation option for guests who want to give you something.

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Do you want to give your guests something as a thank you favor for celebrating with you? How about something edible? Or plantable? Or made from something other than plastic? If you have a gift that you want to be sure every guest sees or receives, consider making it part of each guest’s place setting, rather than having a table of items for them to pick up at the end of the night. Very often, guests miss a favor table. And if it isn’t nice enough to sit on your beautiful tablescape, do your guests really want it? Or what about skipping the individual favor altogether and instead making a donation to an environmental charity, and placing a sign about that on your guestbook table?

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These are just some of the examples of environmentally preferred choices you can make for your wedding. O Frabjous Day Events is happy to offer specific resources for you pertaining to every aspect of your wedding to help make better choices for your wedding and the planet!

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